Story - Magenta - Bag - Rust & Fray
Story - Magenta - Bag - Rust & Fray

Story - Magenta

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The Story Bag

    Every bag has a story to it. Each of these bags was once a Saree, worn at weddings, holidays, bridal showers, or some other wonderful happy occasion. Too unique to wear again but too beautiful to get rid of, many of these gorgeous garments often end up handing in the back of closets forgotten, but we at Rust & Fray saw an equally wonderful opportunity for creative reuse. Spacious, sturdy and absolutely stunning, every bag is an entirely unique way for you to carry on the warm feelings.

  • Made from donated upcycled Sarees
  • 100% Unique designs, averaging about 4 bags per Saree
  • Spacious interior
  • 100% vegan
  • Inner Clip that retains the bag’s shape