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Artisanal. Stylish.


Eco-Friendly. Sustainable.


Limited-Run. Unique.

Welcome to Rust & Fray

We are a fashion brand that makes few-of-a-kind, handcrafted bags & other accessories from up-cycled materials sourced from factory-excess fabrics, leather, vegan leather and metal. Our users not only stand out of the crowd with their unique pieces, they also commit social and environmental good while doing so in style.

Why simply shop, when you can shop and do good at the same time?

28300+ Sq. Feet of Materials Up-cycled
62+ Underprivileged Persons Employed
3+ Small Entrepreneurs Uplifted
14+ Pieces on Average Made per Design


Classy Leather Handbag Shop


Refined Leather Briefcase Shop


Essential Leather Hobo Shop

Rust & Fray on Instagram

Our social media showcase our bags and accessories, highlight sustainable, responsible initiatives & practices, as well as draw attention to environmental & social issues from all from the world.

Rust & Fray - Handcrafted, upcycled, few-of-a-kind bags, sustainable fashion accessories