Our Story


We set out to create a brand that makes beautiful few-of-a-kind pieces. We discovered that we could accomplish that while doing good for the environment and the society. We found that factories all over the world have excess materials that they dispense with. We realized we could use these and work with small entrepreneurs employing underprivileged workers and paying them fair wages in good working conditions.

First, we source. 



All our materials are upcycled – we hand-pick beautiful designs and quality  excess materials from other factories & workshops. These factory floor cuttings are perfectly new materials that are too small to fit back into the large scale textile machines, and so they sit around in storage rooms until they're thrown out, unless we rescue them. Our upcycling process helps reduce waste in the overall fashion world, while giving us a broad palette of materials to work with. We love the challenge the diverse materials throw up and that drives our design & manufacturing processes.

Then, we design. 



Our design is guided by the materials that we source. So, rather than coming from a linear design, source & manufacture angle, we innovate based on materials we have sourced. This we consider to not only be the ‘art’ but also the ‘heart’ of our design and manufacturing processes.

Finally, we make.



Once we get our materials and the designs are centered around the materials, we start the manufacturing process. Our makers are underprivileged individuals that work fair hours and earn for their family, while we get a lovingly handcrafted product. Everybody wins!