15 Sustainable Staples for the Quarantine


This month and this year got turned on their heads when Covid19 became a worldwide pandemic. Now we all find ourselves stuck at home as we #flattenthecurve so that our doctors and nurses can have a chance to fight this. One way to make these bad times a little more of a blessing though is to use this time for productive tasks we’ve been procrastinating on, such as organizing our closets. In the sustainable fashion world there is the idea of reducing your closet down to your main essentials, either entirely dressing in that or making this the main part of your closet with only a few, preferably second-hand extras so as to get out of the fast-fashion shopping as sugar rush cycle. So here are what we think your top 15 essentials are and who sells them sustainably. 

White t-shirt - Everlane Women's Cotton Crew

Button up - People Tree Diane Jersey Shirt

Blouse - Armour Vert London Blouse

Turtleneck - People Tree Cecily Turtle Neck

Blazer - The Reformation Jenner Blazer

Jacket - Everlane Renew Anorak Jacket

Bag - Boho Cognac Suede

Dress - Christy Dawn Alyssa Dress

Cardigan - Nadaam Ribbed Cardigan

Dockers - Women’s Earthwork Pants

Leggings - Outdoor Voices Techsweat Leggings


Jeans - Levi’s Slim Fit Jeans

Skirt - Thought Clothing Angela Pleated Tencel

Sweats - Outdoor Voices Cloudknit Sweatsuit

Jumpsuit - Lucy and Yak Corduroy Boilersuit


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