3 Ways Sustainable Fashion Saves You Money

Sustainable Fashion is important for the planet. Fashion is the second most polluting industry and one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas production. In addition, cotton is a pesticide heavy and water intensive crop, so by basically every measure, switching to sustainable fashion is incredibly important for the health of the planet. But did you know it can also save you money? So if you are looking for a little more tangible of a reward for going green, here are three ways that switching to sustainable fashion will help you save in the pocketbook.

Thrifting and Clothes Swaps Save Money

First up is the joy of second hand fashion. Buying fashion that’s pre-loved is an easy and rewarding way to save money as you shop. Once upon a time thrifting meant spending all day looking for the perfect find or being resigned to a limited amount of choices, but those days are long gone. With thrifting becoming hugely popular, thrift stores are popping up everywhere to cater to customers desires for fashion that helps the planet. One estimate even claimed “second-hand fashion” availability skyrocketed by 429% since 2015. Furthermore, between ebay, etsy, and consignment shops like threadUp, you have plenty of options for thrifting where you don’t even need to leave your house. Don’t forget about swapping clothing with friends as a way to drive the cost down to zero, especially if you have a rapidly growing youngster in need of constantly changing clothes sizes.

Cheaper in the Long Run

The second point is that even when buying new sustainable fashion is just plain cheaper in the long run. While shopping for organic cotton t-shirts, fair trade leather jackets, or tencel blouses, it may be off putting to see some of the prices at first when compared to the insanely low prices of fast fashion. But the thing is that the fashion giants wouldn’t be selling clothing at those ridiculously cheap prices if it wasn’t making them more money overall. Fast fashion products have a notoriously short shelf life, and so even if you don’t buy the latest trends every fashion season and make sure to wear your outfits multiple times, your fashion will still be disposable given just how cheap the fabric is and how quickly it will wear out. That “cheap” fast fashion shirt will need to be replaced within a year while a “more expensive” organic cotton shirt may last a decade. If you look at sustainable fashion options as investment pieces, you may need to save up a bit in the short term but you’ll be saving money overall.

DIY ideas Cost Pennies

The third idea is that DIY fashion options cost pennies on the dollar. This can mean upcycling an old piece of clothing into something new, turning a boyfriend’s old flannel shirt into a cute new skirt, turning an old jacket into a new vest, or switching an old pair of jeans into cute new shorts. But don’t just stop there. DIY laundry detergent is another way to save money in the fashion world, with this recipe making 5 gallons of detergent for $2. Another super cheap laundry idea is to use some soap nuts, which give you a 100% natural and 100% biodegradable laundry option for less than store bought detergent, basically making them superior in every way. Finally, remember that one of the biggest electrical costs for the household as far as appliances goes is your clothes dryer, and so to be environmentally friendly and save a few bucks, just air dry it.

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