5 Air-Cleaning Plants to Keep Your Home Fresh

One of the quiet discomforts of being stuck indoors all day is the air stagnating on you. On warm days we can of course open the windows and get a breeze going, but other days we get stuck with the stuffy air inside. Unfortunately this is more than just an issue of comfort, as poor indoor air quality can lead to some serious side effects long term. Luckily we can fight this, so today we’re going to look at 5 Houseplants known for keeping your home or apartment fresh and healthy.

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue, this is probably the easiest plant to take care of on this list. Perfect for absolute plant beginners, this hardy house plant can be neglected for weeks and still survive. Low level light and infrequent watering make them perfect for apartments. Luckily they are also one of the most efficient air purifiers on the list too, so what basically everyone should get one.

Aloe Vera

You may already know of the many wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera, such as its skin healing properties and teeth cleaning ability, but did you know this plant is also fantastic for purifying your air? Efficient at removing both Volatile Organic Compounds and Co2 buildup, this plant will help heal your space as well as you. A hardy desert plant, this is another plant that’s easy to grow, just needing a good source of indirect sunlight and a well draining pot. 


Need more flowers? Chrysanthemums make for a beautiful addition to any home that will help keep your air clean as well. Potted chrysanthemums are a little trickier to keep than some of the other plants on this list, and unfortunately it’s pretty hard to get them to rebloom indoors after its initial bloom, but regular watering, bright light in the day, darkness at night, and a little deadheading should make for a happy plant.

Peace Lily

A good compromise between hardiness and beauty, this elegant plant is easy to care for indoors while being a fantastic choice for cleaning the air. The plant doesn’t actually “flower” as white part is actually a colored leaf, so there's no need to worry about flowering cycles. All it needs is some low light and an owner that doesn’t overwater it. 

Bamboo Palm

Finally, another very elegant selection for air cleaning indoors is the Bamboo palm. Similar to but unrelated to true bamboo, this small elegant house plant is incredibly efficient at air purification indoors. Liking a variety of light conditions, from bright indirect sunlight to lowlight, the only really tricky part is that it requires a slightly moist but not actually damp soil, so be sure to monitor your little plants health, but this love of humidity just makes it an excellent bathroom plant. One caution though, occasionally it grows berries which are toxic, so if you see any berries starting to grow remove them before any animals or children can get to them.

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