5 Awesome Concerts Series Being Streamed


With covid still going strong and ending plans for quarantine just starting to be discussed, now more than ever we are an online society. Luckily this hyper-interconnected world means some great things and there’s plenty more to do than netflix and zoom meetings. Today we’re featuring 5 artists livestreaming concerts and performances to keep you sane and entertained, enjoy!

A Daily Pick Me UpJames Orford Organist

When the quarantine began organist in residence at Westminster Cathedral James Orford decided that a daily pick-me-up was just the thing we all needed. So he retooled his Instagram away from the usual family photos and dog pics into a piano piece a day. Track your time in quarantine with a daily dose of Scriabin, Chopin, Debussy, Mozart and more.

Want to be Hyped - BTS' "Bang Bang Con" 

If your looking for something big and grand, look no further than the Bang Bang Con, this Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18. Korean boy band sensation BTS officially announced a livestream concert back on April 9 and now the big day is almost here. Check out how to stream here, and know that the Bangtan Boys are doing everything they can to make their music easily accessible for their fans worldwide.

Miss Festival Season - Pickathon A Concert A Day Series

If spring and summer for you mean outdoor concerts and folk music festivals, know that legendary Portland festival Pickathon is bringing it to you every day at 1pm. Featuring indie rock, folk, blues, jazz, whatever Andrew Bird is doing, and plenty more, this venue is an amazing way to discover new artists and expand your musical horizons. On a sadder note there will be many tributes to the legendary John Prine, who was supposed to be the 2020 headliner.

Family Friendly Fun - Lisa Loeb 

If you’ve got little ones running around and want to give them something fun to look forward to, then Lisa Loeb’s silly sing-alongs are perfect for you. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 11am Lisa hosts a live stream from her facebook, singing songs from her award winning children’s music collection. Perfect way to pass the time. 

Looking for some Soul - Erykah Badu Quarantine Concert Series 

NeoSoul legend Erykah Badu has been reinventing the world of livestreaming just as much as she reinvented music. Her concert series offers a new experimentation in audience participation, with the audience not only getting to vote on what song gets played but on different interpretations of each song too. They say constraints breed innovation and Badu is proving that right.


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