5 Awesome Free Lecture Course Series Streaming Now


While the end of the quarantine is drawing closer, we are still not there yet, with New York City extending quarantine for two more weeks as plans for a safe return to normal are being formulated. This means that there’s still plenty of time left in our rooms, so to pass the time let’s look at some great ways to get your learning caps on being streamed for free!

Just want to feel good? - Yale Key to Happiness Series

They say knowledge is power, and this is true for our happiness too. What makes someone happy? What are some misconceptions about happiness? Why do we think the way we do? This uber-popular series looks at the science behind well being, so you can understand why and how happy lives are built. 

Brush Up on the Classics - University of Virginia’s Shakespeare & Politics

Presented by Shakespeare scholar Paul Cantor for free on youtube, this series looks at how the politics of the time informed and shaped Shakespeare’s work, giving you a deeper appreciation of one of the world’s greatest thinkers and the incredible library of work he left behind.

History Buff - American Revolution Institute Online History Series

If literature isn’t your thing but politics and history are right up your alley (or you just have the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat), the American Revolution series has a large library of history lectures perfect for you. Go deep into American history and learn just what was going on in the country's founding, including understanding particular founding fathers, the specifics of the war itself, and how the American Revolution related to other major events around the world.

Keep Up to Date - Arizona State University Pandemic dialogues 

If you want something more recent, nothing’s more recent than discussing Covid19. Arizona’s timely lecture series covers pandemics from all angles, including modern perspectives on previous plagues, understanding what a post-pandemic world might look like, and philosophical questions that pandemics inevitably bring up.

Skillset focused? - University of Michigan Python for everyone

Finally, for the people who want their learning to have immediate practicality, look no further than the amazing Python for Everyone series. Designed for people with no previous experience in coding or programming whatsoever this step by step course will get you the tools and knowledge you need to analyze data and make simple programs in one of the most common programming tools out there.

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