5 More Books to Read During Quarantine

The quarantine is still going strong, but thankfully it seems to be working with some (but not all) projections predicting lower numbers than expected. So in the meantime we’re hooking you up with more book suggestions to keep busy, enjoy!

Need Some Magic in Your Life? - Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link

A collection of stories that can only be described as fairy tales for the modern world, follow stories of magical handbags, alien clones in the living room, and zombies at a convenience store. Each story is as wondrous as the title would suggest, and none of it is frivolous. 

Wanna Travel to Distant Worlds? The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin

One of Le Guin’s many masterpieces, this book follows a “first contact” story of man from a confederation of human planets meeting a species with no fixed gender. This anthropology guided, feminist themed science fiction gives one of the most famous and fascinating explorations of androgeny in literature. 

Going a Little Stircrazy? - The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

A strange book for strange times, the Pynchon postmodern classic follows a women’s dive into a world of paranoia and post office related conspiracies. Pynchon’s shortest work featuring the quirkiness of the American 60’s and plenty of bizarre humor, this novel will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished.

Want to Change the World? - Nature’s Best Hope by Dougless Tallamy

A hopeful and practical look at the future of the environment this newly released book shows how saving the world can start in the backyard, literally. The book talks about how bad for the environment lawns are and presents a vision of native garden filled suburbs that have a real potential for bringing the world back into balance. 

Want to Change Your World? - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo

As there’s never been a better time to start tidying up, Marie Kondo’s iconic book that launched decluttering into the mainstream is perfect for your spring cleaning. The basis for the hit Netflix show, this book will teach you not only how to declutter but how to connect with you home and few things you really need around.

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