5 More Female Sustainable Fashionistas You Need to Follow

The world loves its fashion, that’s for sure. Estimates of the size of the global fashion industry range from $1.2 trillion dollars to north of $3 trillion, making up to 2% of the global GDP and growing. Unfortunately this industry is also known for its outsized impact on the environment, being the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet. So the fashion world is in dire need of clean up if we are to fight against global warming, the global waste crisis, and the human-caused loss of biodiversity. Luckily though it seems the world is finally waking up to this, with sustainable fashion as an industry experiencing unprecedented growth. And so to help celebrate the rise of sustainable fashion and promote people pushing for a better world, here are five women working hard to promote sustainable fashion that we think you should follow.

Kira Simpson - The Green Hub 

First up we have Kira Simpson. Kira began her dive into the world of sustainability when, after switching to reusables and signing petitions against the coal industry, discovered just how environmental the fashion world was and realized how bad the current environmental crisis we’re living through really is. Determined to not give up, she went on a deep dive into the world of sustainable living and climate activism. The Green Hub is the result of this dive, both to spread the word about the climate and to put all of the sustainable lifestyle tips and news in an easy to search place. The Green Hub is home to all the information anyone can need on understanding sustainable fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and general living ideas. 

Elizabeth Stilwell - The Note Passer  

Next we have Elizabeth Stilwell from The Note Passer. Writer, illustrator, and all around “sustainability nerd,” Elizabeth began her journey into sustainability after leaving her career as a teacher. Focusing on excelling visual presentation as well as compelling writing, Elizabeth hopes that the Note Passer will serve as inspiration for a greener, more ecologically friendly world. In addition to her blog, she is a co-founder of the writing collective Ethical Writers and Creatives as well as a co-founder of the clothing swap group Harlem Undressed, 

Kasi Marten - The Peahen 

Peahen founder Kasi Marten wants to go retro with fashion journalism. In her view, fashion journalism is a lost art, with fashion experts being largely replaced solely by advertising firms. Kasi also believes the trend towards cheap, disposable, and unethical fashion is directly related to this loss. So in founding the Peahen, Kasi hopes to turn her readers from victims of the trend driven, instant gratification fashion into empowered and savvy fashionista who knows how to find looks that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are good for the planet.

Yarina Valverde - Fashionhedge 

Yarina Valverde refuses to be called a fashion blogger, despite the title of her blog. Instead, she wants to focus on finding value, discovering a simple but timeless wardrobe of long lasting clothing, and incorporating sustainable clothing choices into a broader sustainable lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a minimalist inspired wardrobe, ethical shopping brands, looking for the best advice on finding vintage pieces, or the latest news on sustainability in the fashion world, Fashionhedge has something for everyone to check out.

Elena Rosa Brown - Randomly Happy 

Last but certainly not least we have Elena Brown of Randomly Happy. Elle started her journey after she learned to sew, a skill she picked up solely because she was constantly unhappy with the clothing she found available at stores. Through studying her craft, she gained a deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into making clothes, and that lead her to learning as much as she could about the fashion industry as well as learning to cultivate a sustainable wardrobe full of meaningful pieces instead of fast fashion trends. As the title of the blog suggests, Elle believes that slow fashion and ethical living is a part of finding a happy, more meaningful lifestyle, one that she wishes to share with the world.


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