5 More Fierce Female Sustainability Bloggers You Need to Follow

We’re five months into 2019 and thankfully sustainable fashion is still one of the biggest themes of the year. Our last article on women bloggers fighting the good fight was super popular, so we’d like to introduce you to five more women whose writing, style, and commitment to eco-friendly living we absolutely adore and think you will to.

Lee Vosburgh - Style Bee

First up is the canadian blogger Lee (the Bee) Vosburgh. Her blog revolves around developing a “timeless” style and closet curation, meaning she is looking to help you discover your closet, with a focus on pieces that are both sustainably made and you’ll love to wear regardless of whatever the hot new trend to chase is. And on her blog you’ll find not only blogposts but toolkits and exercises to help you transform your closet into something more sustainable. On her Instagram you can also find gorgeous minimal-feeling style pictures, reading suggestion, travel photos, interior design ideas, and the occasional fur baby.

Wendy Graham - Moral Fibres

Next blogger to follow is Wendy Graham of Moral Fibres. A UK based blog, Moral Fibres covers all sorts of sustainable topics, including beauty, fashion, cooking tips, gardening ideas, travel tips, and even eco-friendly parenting ideas. Guided by the idea that green living should be “hip, not hippy,” Wendy fills her media with easy tips so that you can transform your life without having to completely uproot your life. Be sure to also look for her book on sustainable cleaning, Fresh Clean Home.

Erin Rhodes - The Rogue Ginger

Third up is the Aussie blogger Erin Rhodes, aka the Rogue Ginger. Between running a blog, raising a baby, writing the book Waste Not, and giving frequent tours for book signing and speaking events, she knows a thing or two about living low waste despite a busy schedule. She founded her blog in 2013 with a simple idea of trying to live with less trash in her life, she discovered a lifestyle that lead to healthier eating, learning new skills, and all-around living a simplified life.

Jacqui Palhegyi - Birds of a Thread

California blogger and fashionista Jacqui Palhegyi founded Birds of a Thread all the way back in 2011. She focuses on both sustainable fashion tips and do it yourself sewing guides, and we of course love anyone who combines ethical shopping with upcycling. Jacqui also has a two year old, so be sure to check in for some sustainable kid-raising tips as well as the cute kid pics.

Juhea Kim - Peaceful Dumpling

Last but certainly not least we have Juhea Kim of Peaceful Dumpling. Founded in 2013 in New York City, Juhea now leads an international team of writers and editors who focus on sustainable eating, wellness, fitness, style, and travel. If you’ve been yearning for some vegan food, the blog has plenty of recipes to die for. Juhea has been vegan since 2006 and has written about veganism for outlets such at MindBodyGreen and the Huffington Post, so she knows a thing or two about the subject. And if you like her writing, don’t miss out on her fiction work either!

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