5 More Sustainable Fashionistas You Need to Follow (plus 1 hubby)

Planning on making your life more green? For the fashionista at heart, nothing of course is more fun than planning out your wardrobe knowing that you’re not being wasteful while doing it. So for those looking for that perfect blend of fashion advice and green living tips, here are five sustainable fashionista for you to check out (plus 1 hubby).

Anuschka Rees - Anuschka Rees

Anuschka is a Berlin based blogger who has been very busy. In 2016 having just finished her hit book The Curated Closet, she did what any lover of writing would do and start on her next one. Her second book, Beyond Beautiful is out now, and is all about body positivity, and surviving in a world that views looks as an obsession and a commodity. If two books worth of great content isn’t enough, be sure to check out the blog itself to learn all about ethical closet management, find fashion that expresses you, feminist explorations of self-image, and so much more.

Jill and Luke Matthews - Sutton and Grove

A his and hers blog on sustainable living, Sutton and Grove shows the power of creative minds coming together. Their instagram is full of some of the best #mood photos that the platform offers, going beyond being simply pretty pictures by adding a visual storytelling element. But don’t just stop there, the blog itself is full of his and her fashion advice, minimalist styling, sustainable DIY and home advice, sustainable travel guides, and much more great content to check out. These two are a blogging and instagram power couple you don’t want to miss.

Jen Browline - The Sustainable Edit

Jen is all about simplicity, and for that we’re all about Jen. Between self-care tips, slow fashion, natural home remedies, and clean beauty practices, Jen’s writing is about choosing a quality life, with a small amount of quality products and experiences to be your personal best and the best for the environment. So grab a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy her excellent advice along with the occasion photos of the gorgeous Scottish highlands she calls home. 

Aditi Mayer - Adimay

The personal is political, and Aditi is here to write about it. Growing frustrated with the lack of representation and intersectionality in the fashion world and sustainability movement, Aditi took it upon herself to weave the threads between sustainable fashion and social justice. Her writing makes sure that sustainable fashion is an integral part of building a more just world, exposing blind spots and making sure that everyone has a voice in the conversation. Between her amazing style advice, her excellent photography, and her passion for doing good in the world, Aditi’s blog is a highlight read of anyone’s day.

Chloe Alysee - Chloe Alysse

Chloe started an Instagram account as a way to sell off some old pieces of clothing she was no longer wearing. Needless to say, things grew from there. Nowadays she runs a vintage store as well as living the blogging life. You may know her from Chloe and Clothes, or her newsletter Chloe and Coffee, but she launched her brand new blog Chloe Alysse just four days ago, hoping to continue the excellent sustainable fashion advice while also allowing room for new insights, especially when it comes to finding magic in the mundane. She hopes that all lovers of sustainable fashion, travel, and life will stop by, and given how cute her outfits are we hope so too. 


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