5 Must See Eco-Documentaries


As we’ve all got a little more time on our hands then we’d like to now, it is the perfect time to catch up on some of those eco-documentaries. Documentaries are an incredibly important artform for both helping us connect to the natural world and learning about ways to protect it. So here are 5 nature documentaries you simply cannot miss.

An Inconvenient Truth

Credited for basically founding the 21st century version of the environmental movement, this 2006 film discusses the coming impacts of global warming, which we are now living through. Whether you are watching it to compare predictions to our current times or are looking for solid information about global warming and ways to finally start helping, this classic of environmentalism can’t be skipped.

Chasing Coral

A 2017 Netflix documentary not to be missed, this film follows coral reefs, a critically important and endangered habitat. Tracking the sadly too widespread phenomena of coral bleaching, this documentary exposes just how much damage is going on just beneath the surface, and how drastically we need to change to support this ecosystem and all the lives that depend on it.

Night on Earth

Another Netflix series, this documentary captures life across the planet during the night using heat sensing cameras to reveal surprising secrets. What makes this documentary so interesting is that it lets you see how moon dependant some life is, how life deals without relying on sight, and seeing all the animals going nocturnal to avoid humanity. 

More than Honey

We have all heard how important bees are to the ecosystem and to human life, but what actually happens during beekeeping? This 2012 swiss documentary follows the lives of beekeepers in Switzerland, The US, and China as they deal with dangers to the honey industry, the environment, and the bees themselves. Educational but with heart and gorgeous cinematography, truly not one to miss.

The True Cost

Finally, we end with a documentary that is near to our hearts as a slow fashion brand. The True Cost explores the fashion industry from the most glamorous runways to the worst working conditions in order to explore what is really going on behind the scenes with our cheap, disposable fast fashion. We encourage fans of slow fashion and people everywhere to check it out in order to understand just how destructive fashion can be if we don’t work together to change it.

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