5 Sustainable Fashionistas to Follow Right Now

Sustainable fashion is one of the fastest growing movements, and for very good reasons. With research now saying that up to 300 million people’s homes might be underwater by 2050 it is clear that everything needs to go sustainable. Changing your wardrobe from fast fashion wastefulness to something more sustainable can make a real difference in the world. Lets look at 5 more sustainable fashionistas showing you how what you wear can help you be the change.

Dominique Drakeford - MelaninASS

Melanin and Sustainable Style aka MelaninASS, is a blog about communities of color expressing themselves to the fullest while keeping with the idea of an eco-friendly future. Founded by ecochic and cultural context ambassador extraordinaire Dominique Drakeford, MelaninASS is proud to be a place for indigenous people and people of color to fight back against a toxic world and it’s toxic fashion norms. The topics they cover are fashion, wellness, the beauty industry, and the environment.

Erin Boyle - Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin Boyle is a minimalist at heart. Loving photography, storytelling, and a love of history, her idea is that life is not always simple but at least the curtains can be. Her book Simply Matters came out in 2016, the idea for her for going into minimalism came out of living in a 173 square foot apartment. Her blog covers family, fashion, travel, food and more, all with the idea of minimal style and small impact.

Carley Lake - Thoughtful Flamingo

Overconsumption is so last season. Carley Lake got into sustainable fashion when she moved to LA and realized that all her clothes couldn’t keep moving with her. At that time she started really looking into the costs of fast fashion and realized that gumption and a sewing machine could change the world. Her blog Thoughtful Flamingo gives city by city guides on how to find good vintage fashion, a 101 page, and features interviews from other sustainable fashionistas.

Shae Burns - Shae Necessities

Shae Burns spent two years as a fashion blogger getting sadder and sadder about the wasteful state of the fashion world until one day she decided to do something about it. Her blog Shae Necessities empowers women by teaching them how they can be conscious of their purchasing decisions while looking great too. Covering fashion, travel, health, and general advice, she spends a lot of her free time repurposing and upcycling, which is something we at Rust and Fray can always get behind.

Karen Housel - Sustainable Daisy

Last but not least we have the passionate thrifter Karen from Sustainable Daisy. This blog combines Karen’s love of environmentalism with her knack for finding unique thrifting finds. As a former employee of the Environmental Protection Agency who currently works as an Environmental Health and Safety specialist at Universal Studios, you can trust that her advice for going green will be top notch. Her blog covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle advice, and sustainable DIYs, and you can trust her to always find something cute, colorful, and second hand.

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