5 Sustainable Podcasts to Follow


We may not have much of a commute anymore, but podcasts are still a great way to pass the time. So why not look up some sustainable podcasts to keep up with all the eco-lover news and discussions even in this time of crisis? So without further ado here are 5 excellent sustainable podcasts to enjoy.

The Green Divas

The Green Divas is a whole family of podcasts to meet any eco-lover’s needs. Based around practical eco-lover tips, real world advice to stay sustainable without driving yourself mad, and low-stress environmentalism, you’ll never run out of topics, ideas, or laughs.

Hand Me Up Club

For a more localized take, check out the Hand Me Up Club hosted by sustainable outfit-of-the-day lover and New Yorker Lindsay Rootaire. Catch all the best news in sustainable fashion tackling subjects from upcycling (featuring yours truly) to sustainably made glitter. Season 1 recently wrapped up so catch up all the episodes while we eagerly await season 2/

The Green Dreamers

Focusing on the area where sustainability, regeneration and intersectionality meet, the Green Dreamers can truly envision a better world. Environmentalism and a holistic mindset are, if you excuse the pun, a natural pair, and no one creates a better vision for a future full of healing than the Green Dreamers. 

Think: Sustainability

Hosted by radio veteran Julia Carr-Catzel, Think: Sustainability is a practical focused podcast designed to get you thinking about consumerism and getting into the nitty gritty of each issue discussed. Expect expert guests and plenty of food for thought


Finally we change focus a bit and dig into Atlantic journalist Alexis Madrigal’s “audio documentary” Containers to explore our newly hyper-connected world. This inventive series explores the interconnectedness of capitalism and how the heavily interdependent trade network that powers modern life, which is the backdrop of any and all conversations about sustainability and environmentalism.

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