7 Actors Who’ve Gone Green

Those with the biggest stages have a responsibility to use their influence for good, and no one has a larger stage than actors. Here is a list of seven actors that have decided to use their voice to be a voice for the planet.

Leonardo DeCaprio

No list on actor/environmentalists can begin without talking about Leo. The A-list actor famously used his long-overdue Oscar win speech to call for an end to “politics of greed” and come together to combat Climate Change. But he’s done so much more for the planet than that. He founded a wildlife charity, narrated documentaries, produced documentaries, and even worked with the UN. He doesn’t just talk the talk, because according to The Guardian he is deeply knowledgeable, committed, and well read in all of the issues he champions.

Emma Watson

Just like the character that thrust her into fame in the first place, Emma Watson is both an icon and an activist. One of her most visible campaigns is her support for green fashion brands on the red carpet as well as on Instagram. From Veja sneakers to a capsule collection for Zady, she is proving that green is the new black.

Jaden Smith

The young Smith has a very impressive resume already, including music credits, acting roles, and challenging gender stereotypes with every picture. In addition to all this, he is a constant advocate for the environment, most visibly with his involvement with “Just Water,” a company that makes water bottles out of very easily recyclable paper materials. Keep doing you, Jaden.

Natalie Portman

Quite a few people know that Natalie Portman has been vegetarian for almost all of her life, but many don’t know how deep her commitment is to animal rights and to the slow food movement. Just recently she narrated and produced a documentary called “Eating Animals,” which exposes just how unsustainable factory farming in the US is.

Mark Ruffalo

As it turns out, Mark Ruffalo is a fierce green fighter both on and off the screen (I had to). Earning the ire of corporate PR front group “Big Green Radicals,” Ruffalo is staunchly opposed to fracking, founder of the clean water promoting organization Water Defense, and works with Leonardo on promoting green energy. Hopefully he’s better at fighting climate change than he is at fighting Thanos.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando of the Woodland Realm has been making his fictional people proud. Between working closely with Global Green US, fighting climate change with his campaign Global Cool, and outfitting his home in London with solar panels and other eco-saving renovations, he has been using his leading man charm for good.

Jessica Alba

Finally, we just have to say how much we love what Jessica Alba has been doing. While a lot of her work is environmental, founding the Honest company takes the cake. Instead of trying to make an environmentally friendly and ethical product, they’re a brand trying to reinvent the entire household. While they’ve had a bit of problems at launch, they do seem to be genuinely committed to reimagining the houseware industry into a green one, and we salute that.

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