7 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Follow Now

There’s no mistaking it, sustainable fashion is here. The fashion world has been turned on its head as people push back against environmentally destructive fast fashion outlets, and while big-name brands like H&M rush to figure out how to make their production more sustainable, smaller brands with more maneuverability are already here to fill that need. So today we’re going to look at seven brands keep an eye on so you can know who to turn to when you want to support this shift to eco-conscious, green fashion. 

Newly Made Sustainable: 
Amour Vert

Next time you need to pick up a tee, plant a tree with Amour Vert. This Californian brand is all about making their production as sustainable as possible from farm to finish. Ranging from casual denim to chic silk blouses, everything they have is made from sustainable textiles such as tencel, organic cotton, hemp, and ethically sourced wool. They partner directly with the farms and the mills that make their textiles to ensure everything is made as environmentally conscious as possible. And again, every time you buy a tee they plant a tree, resulting in nearly 300,000 trees planted so far. 

Second-hand: The RealReal

Next up we have a way to shop sustainably for the brands you already love with The RealReal. They are an online consignment shop so you can find the top names in fashion without paying top dollar, and a result of buying second-hand you are automatically being extremely sustainably minded. But don’t think the good news ends there, because the Real Real is big into other sustainability measures as well, such as carbon offsetting, partnering with sustainably minded designers like Stella McCartney, and working with advisers from Shift Advantage and the Ellen MacArthur foundation to make sure every step along the way is as eco-friendly as the second-hand shopping itself.

Rental: Rent the Runway

Another way to get the top brands while still being sustainable is to rent, and that’s where Rent the Runway comes in. Some experts believe renting is the future of the economy as it incentivised the producer to make long lasting and high quality products over cheap disposable ones, and so likewise, RtR prioritizes brands that make quality products to insure that nothing breaks down on their customers. They’ve also taken up several other sustainable initiatives such as eco-friendly drycleaning, refusing to cary real fur, sustainable dry cleaning, and encouraging their customers to return their dry cleaning bags with the products so they can recycle them. 


Upcycled Fashion: Rust and Fray

If you’re looking for a new handbag or travel bag but want the sustainability of something second-hand then know that Rust & Fray hits the best of both worlds. By upcycling factory excess textile - leather, vegan leather, fabric, metal accessories – from large manufacturers and ‘hand-picking’ those that are of high quality, they bring second life to material on it's way to the landfill. The design for each of these handcrafted and limited-run bags are based around the materials available, insuring each bag is as unique as the individual wearing it. In addition, Rust & Fray also uses cloth dust covers instead of plastic, and ships their products using recycled boxes because their whole business model revolves around waste reduction.

Cork Accessories: EcoCork

Want to discover something new in the fashion world? Just take a quick look at how big cork is getting. Ecocork is a brand focused on making products out of one of nature's most renewable resources. Cork is harvested from the bark of the tree, meaning that the tree itself is unharmed and can be re-harvested multiple times in the tree’s life. Cork is a versatile material that offers an all-natural and durable vegan alternative to leather.

Shoes: Veja

Shoes are one of the most difficult products to make sustainably, and so we recommend the experts at Veja. Their goal is to make a shoe that is as sustainable as possible from farm to distribution, and everything in between. A big part of how they are able to do this is through their word-of-mouth marketing techniques. A huge portion of most shoe company’s budget goes into advertising, and so Veja bet that they could take that marketing money, spend it on fair wages, organic materials, and sustainable business practices, and still make it as a company due to their design and ethics. As the shoe has exploded in popularity, we’ll say that they succeeded.

Beauty: Elate Cosmetics

The right makeup can turn any look stunning, so to finish out our list we’re adding in a beauty brand like no other. Elate Cosmetics is a pioneer in the sustainable beauty world. Not only do they make gorgeous non-toxic and vegan products, but they do it in refillable bamboo compacts and palettes so you can choose to go a little waste as possible. They even package the makeup itself in seed paper that’ll grow into wildflowers when planted.

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