Eco-Habits: How to make Daily Eco-Choices a Reality

So by now many of us have heard of the habits we can cultivate to help the environment, including bringing your canvas tote, shopping local, buying from sustainable brands, and so on. But what about sticking to those habits? While a one time eco-friendly choice is never bad, making that eco-friendly choice into a daily activity builds up over time into a huge impact. So here are some tips for sticking to these changes.

Understand and Believe in the Habits

One of the first and most important ways for building an eco-friendly habit is to truly believe and understand that habit. We’re constantly being told that switching to reusable coffee cups or buying from sustainable fashion brands is a good thing, but if you don’t understand the importance of that choice, you’re just not going to make it. You’re not going to stick to something you don’t really believe in, and so if you want to incorporate one of these habits into your life, the first step is to check out Plastic Paradise, The True Cost, or other eco documentaries so you know why these changes are important.

One Goal at a Time

Second is to stick to one goal at a time. While there are a lot of fantastic eco-friendly lifestyle choices out there to make, trying to change everything at once just leaves you overwhelmed pretty quickly. For example, trying to make your grocery shopping zero-waste all at once is a daunting challenge, but starting remembering your canvas tote bag, with getting used to buying in bulk, then getting used to bringing your own mason jars for the bulk food, then learning to use cloth wraps instead of plastic wrap, etc will ease you into the zero waste world. 

Set Yourself Up for Success

There are plenty of ways you can set up We’re social creatures first and foremost. Being around people with similar values and goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your habits while giving you a resource for tips, questions, and motivation. Curating your online life is important too, because if you want to shop less at fast fashion outlets, it doesn’t make any sense to follow models and fashionistas who are sporting that fast fashion. If your plan is to shop from farmers markets more, have the tools and the recipes for cooking in season ready, so planning a meal around those ripe veggies you saw isn’t an ordeal. Your environment is a big part of who you are, so taking control of that is how you’ll learn to be in control of your habits. 


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