Five Fierce Female Sustainability Bloggers You Need to Follow

In continuing Rust & Fray’s celebration of Women’s History Month, our third article looks at women putting sustainability into the forefront of the blogosphere. Ranging from social justice issues to green styling, these bloggers consistently write highly informed and nuanced content on the latest issues in the world of sustainability. We love these bloggers, and hope you will too!


Alden Wicker - Ecocult

Alden Wicker is a Brooklyn based writer known both for her slow fashion blog and for her freelance articles on sustainability as featured in magazines like Quartz, Glamour, and Vox. In addition to meticulously researching each article she writes, she also spent the last year touring the world to how the global fashion supply chain works and just how interconnected and global the issue of consumerism and sustainability is. She only returned from this trip in February, so be sure to keep up with her as she returns to her Brooklyn routine and processes how her journey abroad changes her outlook.


Francesca Willow - Ethical Unicorn

Next up is Francesca Willow. A proud Georgie who currently lives in Cornwall, she runs the award winning ethical living blog Ethical Unicorn. Unafraid to cover difficult and challenging subjects, she started her blog simply as a hobby before it bloomed into a full-time career. In addition to her thoughts on social justice issues and figuring out how to live sustainably, she is also a contemporary dancer trained at Trinity Laban, so you can expect thoughts on her art and the occasional dancer poses throughout the the blog.


Verena Erin - My Green Closet

Verena Erin is building a green closet and learning about natural beauty, and she wants you to join her. Based in Canada, she got a bachelors in fashion and through her exploration into that world discovered just how unsustainable it was, and has vowed to change it. Very aware that different people take different paths, her writing avoids a prescriptive approach to living sustainably. Instead she writes about the effects each sustainable choice has, weighs the upsides and downsides, and gives the reader the space to determine what is right for them. One person being perfectly sustainable is not nearly as impactful as millions of people being imperfectly conscious, and so we applaud Erin’s approach. She is also proving just how great women can look with shaved heads, so we doubly applaud her being who she is even if it challenges conventional gender standards.


Jennifer Nini - Eco Warrior Princess

Starting all the way back in 2010 as a simple environmental blog, Jennifer Nini’s Eco Warrior Princess is now a worldwide media brand of women and men dedicated to covering eco fashion and environmental advocacy. Truly a twenty-first century media brand, they have writers covering every sustainability related topic without the fluff or the fat. Jennifer has went from head writer to editor-in-chief, so all of the writers are guided by Jennifer’s vision of deep and complex coverage on the latest “green intelligence” from a position of inclusivity and passion. And rather importantly for a large blog hosting media platform, she pays her bloggers.


Leah Wise - Style Wise

Last but not least we have Leah Wise, Virginia based writer, singer, thrift shop manager, and proud mother of some unusual fur babies. Style Wise started when she saw the “impossibly low” prices of goods she was seeing and started to really wonder how those prices actually got that low. Style Wise has become one outlet for her to help build a community of people who share their sustainability journeys. She combines the small everyday steps towards sustainability with a recognition for a need for large scale action, and we highly respect that multi-faceted approach.


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