How You Can Support Sustainable Fashion

If you’re reading this, you probably already want to support sustainable fashion, or at least are looking into ways to make your life more eco-friendly. So what’s the best way to support the Slow Fashion Movement? Here are three of our ideas.

1) Support it with your Dollars

Now, this one may be a bit obvious, but we do need to vote with our dollars. Of course we’re not advocating you immediately throw out everything you own that’s fast fashion, as that’s kind of antithetical to the whole point of the movement, but everything breaks down (especially fast fashion) so the idea is to be mindful of your future purchases. Replace your wardrobe one at a time. Buy something sustainable as a gift. Look for hashtags like #ethicalfashion and #upcycled next time you’re looking to buy something instead of hopping on Amazon. Sustainability needs to be sustained, and over time, the consumers can demand for a better world through the power of their choices. [Tweet that quote]

2) Support it with your Style

The key part here is that it’s your style. Your unique look and identity, whatever that may be, is an important part of supporting sustainability. Why? Because there is a stigma that there is a “look” associated with sustainability, usually either a super minimalism aesthetic or a “hippy” look. We’re not against either of those looks (and we do love minimalism), but supporting sustainable fashion is about making it known that this is a movement for everyone. Eventually the goal of choosing sustainability is to make it not a choice. We need a green future, and part of that is making a future where “sustainably made” is not a brand image or a choice, but simply the way things are done. By rocking sustainable fashion in your own way, whatever that may be, you are showcasing to the world that sustainable fashion can be as unique as you.


3) Support it with your Knowledge

Finally, support it with your research. Did you know that fashion is technically not the second most polluting industry, it’s actually somewhere between the fourth and the eighth? At the end of the day, the difference between the 2nd and the 4th most polluting industry is not that much, and it’s clear either way that we really strongly need to do something about the fashion industry. But repeating technically incorrect talking points can turn people on the fence away, even if the gist of the argument is correct. Being able to have an intelligent and nuanced conversation on what is exactly is wrong with the fashion industry and the concrete steps supporting sustainable brands does to help will go a long way. So don’t take anyone’s talking points on sight (even ours!), do your own research, and help build the sustainable fashion movement through your knowledge.


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