Make Your Yoga Sustainable

Yoga is a wellness trend that is here to stay. Combining stretching, exercise, and meditation, yoga is proven to be very beneficial to your health. Luckily, another great bonus of yoga is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment, making it relatively inexpensive form of self care. So today for the sustainable yogis out there, we’re going to look at eco-friendly options for the yoga accessories you do need to green up your yoga time.

The Mat

We’ll start with the absolutely iconic piece of yoga hardware, the yoga mat. Now your standard yoga mat is going to be made of PVC, a type of plastic polymer that is obviously not going to be exactly friendly to the environment. Luckily though as yoga became more popular, we now have all-natural options to choose from instead. We recommend Jade Yoga’s rubber mats as an option instead. Not only is rubber a sustainable-all natural material, but Jade Yoga also plant a tree for each mat sole and frequently partners with environmental and sustainable organizations.

The Outfit

The yoga outfit is the next most iconic bit of yoga gear. Unfortunately those stretchy yoga pants everyone knows and loves are going to be made out of some amount of plastic, but that doesn’t mean all is lost, you do have options. If you want leggings that use sustainable materials mixed in with the spandex check out Boody’s bamboo rayon leggings. Otherwise check out Outdoor voice’s techsweat leggings which uses as much recycled plastic as they can in their leggings. Just don’t forget your Guppyfriend bag when you wash them!

The Bag

Of course you’ve got to carry all the gear, and that’s where the Yoga bag comes in. Reusing products is easily one of the most important things anyone can do for sustainability, since so much energy and resources go into every single piece of clothing that we need to make sure that doesn’t go to waste. Rust & Fray does exactly this creative reuse with their Serenity upcycled leather yoga bags, handcrafting the bags from factory floor excess. Be sure to also check out the one of a kind artist signed version as well.

The Block

Finally we have the yoga block. This simple little yoga tool makes for both an excellent way for beginners to ease into the stretches and an advanced tool for long-time practitioners looking for a challenge. Luckily they are very easy to make sustainable as well, so check out this cork yoga block from Manduka. Cork is a material that can be harvested many times over a single trees lifetime easily, making it a very sustainable renewable resource. 

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