Men’s Sustainable Fall Fashion Classics

Fall is officially here, and we’re getting ready to rock fall looks sustainably. Unfortunately green fashion bloggers don’t tend to spend a lot of time on men’s fashion. Despite a culture that pushes both fashion and caring as things that are only for women, guys deserve to feel great about their looks while knowing that they’re minimizing their impact on the planet’s finite resources. So today we’re going to look at some fall fashion for men that’s as good for the planet as it is good looking.

The Crew

First thing in your wardrobe should probably be a long sleeve crew. These shirts are versatile enough to go with most anything, allowing you to dress it down with some jeans or dress it up with a sports jacket. Warm enough to keep the breeze at bay without toasting you whenever you go inside, good crew shirts will never go out of fashion. The Hibernate Fleece Crew from Nau International is an excellent organic cotton wardrobe staple from a brand that refuses to compromise between durable performance quality clothing and environmentally friendly clothing solutions. Not only does the brand commit to using only sustainable fabrics, such as the water saving and pesticide reducing organic cotton seen here, but they also donate a percentage of every sale to environmental charities. We recommend pairing it with the denim prodigy as a smart-casual look for a busy city life. 

The Cardigan

No fall fashion guide would be complete without including a sweater of some sort, after all, it is sweater weather. We highly recommend the cardigan as another classic piece that easy to dress up or dress down. Wear them over t-shirts and button ups for instant smart casual looks, and just remember to pick a slimmer cut and take the chinos over the jeans if you want something a little more business ready. For sustainability, we recommend Naadam’s Forest Green shawl cardigan for a super comfortable cotton cashmere blend. Yes, cashmere. Normally cashmere is considered an incredibly unsustainable material, but Naadam works with the Gobi Revival fund and directly with the herders to prevent desertification, ensure fair wages, enable access to veterinarian care, and land rejuvenation initiatives. We think it goes great with the Alfred, as olive green and brown leather always make for a pleasing color combination, and the ox-leather briefcase will keep with the cardigans fancier look. 

The Puffer Vest

Once known only as that thing Michael Fox wore in Back to the Future, the Puffer Jacket has now become a fall fashion all-star thanks to a combination of versatility, durability and utility. A fantastic layering piece, the lightweight jacket gives men a subdued way to rock a two-tone look that is still a tad more adventurous than the fleece vest. Opting for a less-puffy version is a bit safer of a choice, but other than that the vest can be worn with a simple t-shirt to show off the guns, over button ups and flannels of all kinds, and even over/under a blazer for a sport luxury mix. We recommend the Nano Puff vest from Patagonia, as it’s an outdoor worthy yet stylish product from the brand that basically founded sustainable fashion. Fair trade certified, made from post-consumer recycled materials, and Bluesign approved textiles that ensure human and environmental safety at every step of the process, you can proudly rock this vest knowing it’s just as good for the outdoors it was built to be worn in. We recommend pairing it with the Ardent, a bag that like the Nano Puff vest is durable enough to weather the outdoors yet fashionable enough to keep you looking fresh.


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