Selling Clothes? Buying Second-Hand? Here are 6 apps for you


In the sustainable fashion world, it is widely understood that the best buying practice for going green is second-hand or reuse, which is why Rust & Fray models it’s whole business on upcycling. Luckily in the modern world there really is an app for everything, and so there are multiple fantastic apps to buy second hand and pass on your old clothes to someone who wants it. So today we’re going to check out 6 apps that make buying and selling clothes easy.


1. thredUP

First up we have threadUP, easily one of the leaders in the second-hand fashion industry. Calling themselves the largest consignment shop on the web, boasting to have up to 35k brands available at any given time. It started when founder James Reinhart wanted a place to sell all his old T-Shirts, and funnily enough the site has since migrated to being a woman’s and kidswear marketplace. All you need to do to sell off your clothes is request their Clean Out kit, ship their clothes in the bag they send you, and they’ll photograph, price, and sell the clothes for you.


2. Etsy Clothing Market

Many people don't realize that the giant of small artisan crafts also is a major player in the used clothing industry. Granted, as Etsy is built around a business model of client managed storefronts, selling used clothing is a little tougher as you have to do all the product photography and shipping yourself. But if you have an Etsy account already and are used to the process, you already know everything you need to for selling off the things in your closet taking up room, so have at it!


3. Asos Marketplace

Love boutique stores and small vintage shops? Then Asos is the right app for you. The idea behind this British online retailer is that it offers a select amount of high quality vintage clothing so that the users can find unique pieces and great finds around every corner. Becoming a boutique seller there requires an application process, so you’ll have to have a pretty good selection of items to sell, but once accepted you’ll be in a fantastic marketplace full of amazing 2nd-hand finds.


4. Poshmark

No 2nd-hand shopping list would be complete without Poshmark of course. The offer one of the simplest selling systems out there, all you have to do is snap a photo then add a price and description, and when the item sells they ship you the label to send it out. For buyers, Poshmark changes the game by turning online shopping social, so you can shop with friends over the phone. You’ll also automatically be directed towards items based on your shopping history, so the more you use Poshmark the more personalized it becomes.


5. Vestiaire Collective

Feeling luxurious? Vestiaire Collective is built for all those eco-fashionistas who want a little luxury in their life. Founded based around the idea of making sure high end fashion pieces don’t get worn once and sit in a closet forever, this online marketplace makes it easy to sell off those old treasures. Your item photography and description will be send to Vestiaire curators to both make sure the item is of the right quality as well as maximize your items selling potential and visibility. In addition to selling it yourself you can also send the item to them as a consignment and they’ll do all the selling work for you. 


6. Vinted

Finally, we have one of the best apps for closet decluttering out there, Vinted. Hailing from Lithuania, this absolutely massive, 25 million member online thrift store was founded in 2008. Being easy to list items and easy to ship means that you can go from closet to sold in almost no time, and the fact that they don’t take any fees from the seller means you’re well incentivised to Marie Kondo that closet. If you really need to see an item sold you have the option to boost it for a small fee, but otherwise the app is entirely free and an easy way to turn closet clutter into cash. 


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