Sustainable Summer Hat Tips for Women

Summer is here in full, so we at Rust and Fray think it’s time to dive on in to this season’s wardrobe (because there are four seasons, not 52). We’re here to provide tips on how to rock your summer hats, and how to do it sustainably.

  • Panama Hats look great with minimal looks and whites. Classically the panama has the black ribbons, so some white button downs, a white dress with a jeans jacket, or something black and white striped all look great with the panama, making it the perfect minimalist hat. As an added bonus, picking one “signature” hat is great for someone thinking about creating a minimalist uniform.
  • Big floppy hats look great with pretty much anything flowy. Summer floral dresses, breezy shawls, swimsuit covers, if it blows in the breeze then the big hat goes with it. Flowing light outerwear is one of the easiest pieces to make yourself, so with just a little bit of upcycling you can make a versatile cover that’ll turn all your outfits into floopy hat approved outfits.
  • Love a hat but think it needs just a little bit more you? Add your own ribbon! Better yet, when cutting your old floral pants into cute floral shorts, cut a strip from the pant legs and make that your new ribbon!
  • Make sure your hat is not appropriative. Cultural appropriation in fair trade fashion is a complicated subject, so I’m not going to pretend to fully cover it in a quick tips blogpost, but at the end of the day, if you’re buying something from a particular cultural context that isn’t your own, you need to be sure you’re not wearing a costume piece, and that you're being invited to wear it. And if it feels wrong, just don’t buy it. There are plenty of sustainable hat brands out there.

Hope these quick tips were helpful! For more quick fashion tips like this and to learn more about sustainability, check us out on our website, or follow us on our Facebook and Instagram. Comment below if you have any more hot tips!

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