Sustainably Chic: Boho Bag Beauties

Welcome back to Sustainably Chic, a series where we show the world that eco is beautiful by making fashionable outfits using only eco-friendly clothing. This week we’re highlighting our boho bags, and so our outfits are autumn-wear built around these unique and fun bags. As always at least one outfit is entirely animal product free for our vegan readers. Enjoy these two fierce looks for the eco-loving fashionista in you. 

Bag 1: Boho Tan Suede 

The first bag is a vegan hobo bag built for a contemporary fashion feel. With sturdy vegan leather handle and an inner clip that retains its shape, this bag will quickly become a staple of your wardrobe as an easy way to carry your books, reusable bottles, bento box, and all your other zero-waste and lifestyle essentials. 

Outfit 1

For the first outfit, we wanted to get our hands on a brand new fashion trend, but do it in a way that’s timeless rather than fleeting so that you’ll be able to rock the look for a while to come. Of course, we’re talking about the bodysuit trend, and this beautiful off the shoulder look is a fantastic minimalist look with the sleeves to stay function as the weather chills. Add in a classic olive pair of pants, an adorable jacket by reformation, an expertly crafted vegan suede heel, all top off with some hoops, and you’ve got yourself a look. And yes, this outfit is 100% vegan.

Body suit: Cosabella Minimalist off-the-shoulder 

Pants: United By Blue 5 Pocket Twill 

Jacket: Reformation Lafayette 

Heels: Bhava Studio Sylvia 

Jewelry: 31 Bits Smooth Hoop

Bag 2: Boho Forest Green Velvet

For our second boho bag, we picked an absolutely luxurious shade of forest green. With the same vegan leather handle and inner latch as the last boho, this will offer the same easy use but in an eye-popping color that will take your outfit to casual luxury queendom. 

Outfit 2: 

Sweater: Ayni Collette Sweater

Pants: Reformation Austin Pant

Shoe: Poppy Barley Riversdale Boot 

Earring: Jacto Barracuda Tooth Earring 

Again, the inspiration for this outfit is around a main piece, and what’s a better idea for sweater weather than alpaca wool? Large enough for the oversized look but form fitting enough to make it exciting, and with a gentle pink color that gives a gorgeous color palette your bag so you can show the cooling weather won’t dampen your mood. Combine it with all black knee high boot and a wardrobe staple pair of pants, and this outfit will combine cute and cool sustainably. Don’t forget the final ingredient, a stunning and unique pair of dangling barracuda teeth earrings from our good friends at Jacto Jewelry.


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