Sustainably Chic: Creative with Colors


Welcome to Sustianably Chic, a series where we put fashionable outfits together based on entirely sustainable and eco-friendly brands. This Wednesday, we’re getting a little more adventurous, because the best season for bright colors is every season. Enjoy!

Bag 1: Mosaic Marigold

No one thinks they can rock a yellow bag until they see how good they look with it. This hardshell purse is made from upcycled kitchen and bathroom tiles rescued from construction sites so that you can bring them to the ball. This Cinderella story of a bag is one-of-a-kind, so don’t wait ‘til midnight before you decide to rock it.

Outfit 1:


Dresses and leather jackets kick ass, and so do the women who wear them. This asymmetrical vegan jacket from James and Co combines the best of femme elegance with a tough-as-nails free spirit vibe. The gorgeous green dress complements the bag, and the recycled chelsea boots and second-hand designer earrings complete the ensemble, but don’t be afraid to replace the boots for a vegan option for an entirely animal-free outfit.


Dress: Boden Clarissa Midi Dress 

Jacket: James and Co Biker Jacket Patricia 

Shoe: Matisse Footwear Avery 

Earring: Vestiaire Collective Refurbished Chanel White Crystal 


Bag 2: Michele Vegan Leather Handbag


For our second bag we have an iconic Rust & Fray look. Sturdy, spacious, and elegant, this three pocket zippered bag is fantastic for strong women everywhere. Feel free to carry it with just about everything as it is an extremely versatile bag. 


Outfit 2

For this outfit we prove orange is the new black. A silky orange-gold blouse from AmourVert with an adjustable necktie will feel just as good wearing as it does look. Not settling for a simple pair of jeans, we went with cute corduroy skirt from toad and co. Cheeta print boot are always fun, but to truly take this outfit to the next level we have fair-trade artisan earings with just a touch of blue to absolutely pop.

Top: Amour Vert Ena Blouse 

Skirt: Toad and Co Cruiser Cord Skirt 

Heels: Able Celina Ankle Boot 

Earring: Artisan and Fox LALE Earrings 


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