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Welcome to sustainably chic, a series where we look at fashion made entirely from ethical, sustainable brands. This week we’re looking at outfits that feel comfy while still looking stunning, so you can fight the winter blues with some beautiful casual-chic looks. As always, at least one of the outfits will be entirely animal product free for our vegans. Lets dive right in to the bags and the looks.

Bag 1: The Michelle

The Michelle is a perennial favorite of ours, and for good reason. Sturdy design, chic look, and upcycled black vegan leather make, this handbag can class up almost any outfit while still being casual enough for everyday wear.

Outfit 1

For this look we started out with a corduroy jumpsuit, because what could be more perfect for both an active Saturday night and a lazy Sunday morning? For when you do have to go out, we’ve added an amazing vegan leather jacket by James and Co and a nice pair of heels from Matt and Natt. Unique, stylish, and fun layering come together for a fantastic look.

Jumpsuit: The Reformation Aaron Jumpsuit 

Jacket: James and Co Suzy Biker Jacket 

Heel: Matt and Nat Joan Black

Bag 2: The Boho - Tan Suede

Our next bag is the tan suede Boho bag. A slouchy bag for your bohemien #feels, the light tan color will match well with quite a lot of your looks, making this a perfect on-the-go staple.

Outfit 2

Now we’ve got a turtleneck sweater-dress, easy to throw-and-go but fitted enough to look amazing. Knee high boots are always a good idea, so this city boot from Poppy Barley will take the dress to the next level. Add in a wool blend coat and you’ll never be cold again. To finish the look, we added a beret, because this outfit screamed Paris cool to us.

Dress: The Reformation Daze Dress 

Hat: Janessa Leone Renee Black 

Boots:  Poppy Barley the City Boot Chestnut 

Coat: Thought Cecily Coat 

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