Sustainably Chic: Fall Feels

Welcome to Sustianably Chic, a series where we put fashionable outfits together based on entirely sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Today we’re covering a few different feels, so you have a good selection of different ideas so you can look good while rockin green fashion no matter what style you love. And as always, at least one outfit will be made of entirely animal-product free options for our vegan readers. Without further ado, here are our fall feel favorites!

Bag 1: Rust and Fray Mosaic Pearl 

The first bag we’re featuring today is the Mosaic Pearl bag. Made from upcycled tiles from construction sites, this bag is proof that upcycling and sustainability can go hand in hand with exquisite fashion. As it is handcrafted, the front design is completely unique, meaning this bag will be the star of any outfit worn 

Outfit 1

For this outfit, we’re going for autumn wear that still feels like spring, and so we’re featuring all the bright colors. To start with we have a gorgeous pink wool jacket that’ll keep you and your color pallette nice and warm. Underneath is we have a Reformation dress that’ll remind you that what flowers look like while being long enough to keep you warm. Add in some black and gold heels from Rafa and some beautiful handcrafted aquamarine stud earrings and you’ve got a look.

Jacket - Monsoon London Billie Boucle Coat 

Dress - The Reformation Louise

Heel - Rafa Prima Pump Sloe 

Earring Gjenmi Morning Dew Earring  

Bag 2: Rust and Fray Mosaic Marigold 

Our next bag is for the people who love the Mosaic Marigold but want a color with a little more pop. Again, the mosaic Marigold l is made from upcycled tile recovered from construction sites and handcrafted into this gorgeous and completely unique hardshell bag. 

Outfit 2

To contrast the bag choice, our second outfit is going for a little more subdued of a feel. For a unique silhouette and flowing feel we have a 100% recycled Wrap Coat and a bamboo tunic combo both from Komodo. The darkness of both of these will make bag stand out. To finish the outfit with that touch of elegance to dress up the wrap, we picked out some excellent vegan heels and tiny gold hoop earrings. 

Jacket - Komodo Recycled PET Wrap Coat 

Dress - Komodo Harbour Bamboo Tunic   

Shoe - Susi Studio Nina Black 

Earring - Mejuri Tiny Diamond hoop 

Bonus look, thanks to @sustainableoutfits


Still can’t get enough eco-fashion outfits? This cute little sweater look will give you even more layering ideas to play with. This look was put together by our friend Sustainable Outfits over on Instagram, link here. Be sure to give her a like and a follow while your over there and let her know who sent you!

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