Sustainably Chic February

Sustainably Chic: February

Dammit it’s Valentine’s, Let’s Shop to Go Out

Welcome to our series Sustainably Chic. Each month we internet-window shop for a cute new outfit all chosen from sustainable and environmental brands. At Rust and Fray, we believe that living sustainably is a lifestyle choice, and we’d like to help you find an outfit that not only matches your bag but lets you be environmentally conscious from head to toe. We’re here to show you how good sustainability can look and how easy it can be to find.  

This month we’re thinking February 14th of course, so we chose an outfit that can work both for that hot Valentine’s date or if you're out at a bar celebrating Singles Awareness Day with some friends. Not too formal, not too casual, it all depends on how you rock it or how you style it, wear it, and touch it up. Without further ado, here’s our Sustainably Chic outfit for February.

And no, we’re not doing a slinky red dress.

The Bag:

Rust and Fray’s Vogue CL Yellow Leather Hobo bag

Like all Rust and Fray products, this is an upcycled bag sourced exclusively from unprocessed factory cutting floor materials.  Sturdy, large and cute, this bag is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. To really help make the bag pop we’ve chosen a primary color based theme for the rest of the outfit.

The Outfit:

Navy Lydia Trousers
Ivory Leona Top
Black Nector Ankle Boot with Heel
Bottlecap Earrings
Le Beret Francais Ecojean Beret


Vegan Version

Now, before we’re done, we’ve got to give you a quick alternative version of this outfit. Both to show another option for the serial mix and matchers out there and so that we’re making sure there’s an animal product free version to try. And yes, much of the products up there were already vegan friendly, so feel free to switch things up if you want.

The Bag:

Rust and Fray’s Latitude CV Vegan Leather Messenger Bag

For those who refuse to wear any animal products but still want that eye-turning yellow bag look, Rust and Fray currently has a Vegan Messenger bag in the same shade. 100% vegan friendly and still 100% upcycled, we think we’re pretty lucky to be able to offer this one to you today. We went with a blue outfit to match again, but this time switching it to a dress.

The Outfit:

Basic T-Shirt Dress Navy with Triangles
Patsy Black Women’s Black Vegal Heeled Boot
Dark Navy Anchor Cap


Companies featured in this article:

Reformation - an LA based brand out to prove environmentalism looks cool.
Tonlé - Zero waste fashion brand who makes all their clothing from Cambodian “remnant” textile markets.
El Naturalista - Spanish shoemakers with organically tanned leather and recycled materials.
Hipcycle - Site to buy all those DIY upcycled products you didn’t have time for.
Bourgeois Boheme - Vegan shoe company investing heavily in making synthetic leathers more environmentally friendly.
Yellow 108 - LA based hatmakers working with salvaged and recycled materials.


Thanks for checking out our outfit today. If you decide to rock this look or something similar to it, let us know by snapping that selfie and tagging us on our Instagram! If you’ve got a particular look you want us to work with next time or a particular sustainable brand you think we should check out for future outfits, comment below! We’d love to hear you!

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