Sustainably Chic: Gender is so Last Year


Welcome to Sustianably Chic, a series where we put fashionable outfits together based on entirely sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Much of the fashion world is heavily gendered, so this Wednesday we’re highlighting fashion that defies boundaries and boxes and is still sustainably made. Enjoy these amazing fashion looks for every body.

Bag 1: Encore Upcycled Backpack

First up is the Encore, an upcycled leather backpack that’ll quickly become your everyday bag for years to come. Sturdy and spacious, this sleek backpack design is a great and useful addition to any look.

Outfit 1

For the shirt and the pants we wanted to look at the innovative and important brand KirrinFinch. Founded by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, this brand is built around the growing demand for menswear looks that are tailored for the requirements of female, FTM, and non-binary bodies. Neither of the women came from designer backgrounds, but the couple kept finding themselves choosing between ill-fitted menswear and well-fitting clothes that presented too feminine for them, and so decided to do something about it. To complete the outfit we added dapper AF oxfords and a beanie for that Williamsburg vibe. 

Shirt: KirrinFinch Hutchens Botanical Button Up 

Pants: KirinFinch Olive Green Chinos 

Shoe: Adelante Shoes The Clasico Oxford  

Hat: Brothers We Stand Organic Wool Beanie


Bag 2: Frida Upcycled Leather

We were once told this is a bag Johnathan Van Ness would love and we think so too. This elegant and spacious weekender made from upcycle leather is perfect for travelling in style. Take what you need and go anywhere with this durable fashion statement.


Outfit 2

For the outfit, we went innovative designs, including Lacher Prise which can be worn as a hoodie or a turtle neck, and a lightly tapered corduroy by Older Brother. Both of these pieces are chic yet loose so that no matter your body’s shape and dimensions these will still fit and make for an elegant silhouette. We finished the look with iconic Veja shoes and earrings from The Giving Keys.

Top: Lacher Prise Echape Long Sleeve 

Pants: Older Brother Corduroy Pants Elderberry 

Shoes: Veja V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin 

Key: The Giving Keys Rose Gold Mini-Key Post Earring   

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