Sustainably Chic: Green and Gorgeous


Welcome to Sustianably Chic, a series where we put fashionable outfits together based on entirely sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Once again we’re looking at cute and sustainable outfits to celebrate spring, this time going for a daytime and nightlife theme.

Bag 1 Story Bag Sage Green


Our first bag is the story bag sage green. Each story bag is made from an upcycled saree, and this one is no exception. Beautiful and subtle, this gorgeous shade of green is an elegant way to celebrate spring.

Pants: Toad and Co Earthworks Kick Flair Pants 

Top: Amour Vert Larian Blouse 

Heels: Veerah Mulan Heels  

As for the outfit we went for a classic spring color palette. Most think of pink and green as having an overly bright dollhouse feel, but with the right pastels and subtly you get Monet vibes instead. Plus, green heels are the statement staple you never knew you needed.



Bag 2: Boho bag Cognac Suede


For the next bag we kept the design but traded the textile out for suede. The genuine leather handle will make sure this bag is even sturdier, so you can have this gorgeous bag at your side for years to come.  

Outfit 2:

Shoes: Able Rojas Tall Boot 

Dress: Siizu Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress 

Hat: Yellow 108 LL Driver Black

Finally, for the outfit we wanted to work with that beautiful and unique design from Siizu. Unique silhouette and interesting design, this will be a standout. Add in knee high boots (because of course knee high boots) and a Yellow 108 hat to give it a devil may care attitude and you’re ready to go out anywhere...just as soon as this quarantine is over.

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