Sustainably Chic March

Sustainably Chic March
Between the Seasons

Welcome to our series Sustainably Chic. Each month we internet-window shop for two new outfits all chosen from sustainable and environmental brands, and we make sure at least one of those outfits has no animal products for our vegan readers. At Rust and Fray, we believe that living sustainably is a lifestyle choice, and we’d like to help you find an outfit that not only matches your bag but also lets you be environmentally conscious from head to toe. We’re here to show you how good sustainability can look and how easy it can be to find.

March greeted New York City and the rest of the northeast with snowstorms but it's supposed to end in spring. So to capture that in between weather, our March outfits will be somewhere in between a cozy for winter feel and that fun celebrating spring look. A best of both worlds look timed for the middle of the month. Enjoy!

The Bag:

Rust and Fray Caprice CC Checkered Cotton Tote
We’ll kick things off with one of Rust and Fray’s more fun bags. The eye catching checkered pattern on a bag just big enough to hold everything you need without being too cumbersome (13"L x 12"H x 6"W) makes it the perfect going out or casual wear bag. Note that all the leather on the bag is vegan leather. Since we’re working with a checkered bag, the outfit isn’t going to be patterned to make sure that the bag doesn’t clash with the outfit. But working with solid colored clothing doesn’t mean we’re making an uninspired look.  

Outfit 1:

Eileen Fisher - Merino Silk Cashmere Box-Top
Pelechecoco - Brenda Skirt
Nisolo - Frida Loafer, Black

Baggy top and hip hugging skirt is always a fantastic look, letting you mix fabrics, have a unique silhouette, and gives you something that can be both fancy and party. With a leather skirt we elected for a red top to lean towards the fancy and hot side. We felt heels would be a little much with this, especially considering the bag, so we went for the loafers. 

Vegan Version
The Bag:
Rust and Fray Caprice DC Dot Print Cotton Tote

Same bag as before, complete of course with all the leather on the bag being vegan leather, but this time blue and grey to get an overall lighter look for spring. Likewise, the outfit is also going to feature a more spring inspired “fun” feel to it. As before, it’ll focus on solid colors to help contrast the patterned bag.

People Tree - Sinead Rib Jumper in Pink              
Thought Clothing - Elaine Denim A-Line Skirt
Beyond Skin - Frankie S Tan & White Block Vegan Heeled Loafers

Same baggy top and form hugging skirt as before, but this lighter feel means we're going with a classic denim skirt. We also are adding one of the cutest vegan heeled shoes we've seen to round out the ensemble. 

Companies Featured in these Outfits
Eileen Fisher - Simple, no frills but gorgeous clothing with sustainability and social justice at the forefront.  
Pelechecoco - Redesigned vintage leather ensures that each item is completely unique.
Nisolo - One of the premier providers of sustainably produced and classic footwear
People Tree - A one stop source for all things in sustainable and fair trade fashion.
Thought Clothing - A U.K. based brand that focuses on sustainably produced, comfortable clothing made from all natural fabrics.
Beyond Skin - Vegan and eco-conscious footwear company with all their production done in Spain.


Thanks for checking out our outfit today. If you decide to rock this look or something similar to it, let us know by snapping that selfie and tagging us on our Instagram! If you’ve got a particular look you want us to work with next time or a particular sustainable brand you think we should check out for future outfits, comment below! We’d love to hear you!

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