Sustainably Chic May: Bold and Beautiful.

Welcome to our series Sustainably Chic. Each month we internet-window shop for two new outfits all chosen from sustainable, ethical, and environmental brands, and we make sure at least one of those outfits has no animal products for our vegan readers. At Rust and Fray, we believe that living sustainably is a lifestyle choice, and we’d like to help you find an outfit that not only matches your bag but lets you be environmentally conscious from head to toe. We’re here to show you how good sustainability can look and how easy it can be to find.

So Spring has fully sprung, finally. Well, it seems it has sprung a little too much, as thanks to global warming, this allergy season is particularly bad. But regardless, we seem to finally be beyond the surprise snowstorms and are 100% into spring, so we’re going to go with bold and fun looks to celebrate.

The sun is shining and you'll shine too! 

The Bag: Frida

Frida is our signature bag and a bold statement piece. Sturdy, chic, and spacious, this bag is the perfect bag for standing out. And as always, everything in the bag is Upcycled, ethically made, and artisan hand-crafted. And now for the outfit to match.

Outfit 1:

Kowtow - Spring Jumpsuit, Masque
Everlane - The Air Dolman White Tee
Able - Cruz Utility Sandal, Paprika Suede
Tango Zulu Imports - African Straw Hat Fedora

This outfit is perfect for those who want to be on the quirky, forward-leaning edge of fashion. An adorable jumpsuit, some striking sandals, and a fun fair-trade hat with red to match the shoes means you’ll have a look as unique as the Frida you’ll be carrying. Mixing chic fashion sense with nature loving freedom.

Outfit 2: Vegan Version

The Bag: Vogue CL Leather Hobo, Blue (vegan)

For our vegan bag we’ll be looking at the Vogue CL Hobo bag today, as we want another striking and spacious handbag. Soft yet durable, beautiful looking, and made entirely from Upcycled Vegan Leather, this bag will carry you throughout spring and summer in style. (When buying, please specify that you want the vegan version in the note, as we have a leather version of this bag as well).

The Outfit

Raven and Lily - Sunita Jumpsuit Avo Print
Cri De Coeur - Ana Round Heel Bootie Beige
G Viteri - Boater Beige Pink

A different cut, a more earth-toned color pallet, but just as much quirky fun. This time we have a touch of pink instead of a touch of red, because the pink-blue look is a more mellow than the red-blacks, but we still get a strong spring-loving look. Topped off with a gorgeous panama hat.

Companies in these outfits:

G Viteri - Durable handmade hats created by fair trade practices, ensuring that each hat made does good for communities that weave them.
Cri De Coeur - French for "cry from the heart," they are committed to cruelty-free high fashion footwear that's made as green as possible.
Raven and Lily - Fair trade eco-friendly fashion built to empower women around the world
Tango Zulu - A source for handcrafted, high-quality fair-trade products from around the world
Able - Ending generational poverty by working with women through dignified employment
Everlane - Making a difference through radical transparency, ethical factories, and the production of sustainable basics.
Kowtow - Often minimalist themed and always comfortable, they work on ensuring sustainability from seed to shipping.

Thanks for checking out our outfit today, be sure to share it around. If you decide to rock this look or something similar to it, let us know by snapping that selfie and tagging our Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook. If you’ve got a particular look you want us to work with next time or a particular sustainable brand you think we should check out for future outfits, comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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