Sustainably Chic: Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Men’s Fashion


Welcome to Sustianably Chic, a series where we put fashionable outfits together based on entirely sustainable and eco-friendly brands. This Wednesday, instead of asking “but why male models” we're asking “why not,” cause men want to look good while doing good too. So here are two sustainably made outfits to unleash your inner blue steel.

Bag 1 Encore Upcycled Black Leather Backpack


For the first bag we have a chic upcycled leather backpack that you’ll be proud to carry with you on your weekend adventures, around campus, or all your urban travels. Genuine leather, interior laptop pocket, and all 100% upcycled, this backpack is the perfect casual but classy bag.

Outfit 1


For the outfit we did promise ridiculously good looking, right? Based around a stunning brown leather jacket that’ll last you a lifetime, this look is the perfect mix of class and bad boy, all while staying eco-friendly. Blue denim button up and black jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, and add in a bold boot design and the super unique upcycled denim shades from Mosevic complete the look with flair. 

Glasses: Mosevic Titan Glasses, Upcycled Denim frame

Shirt: Asket Denim Shirt stonewash, hyper-transparent low impact essentials  

Jeans: Levi's 513 slim straight fit, low water manufacturing, better cotton

Jacket: Better World Fashion Thomas Jacket, 100% repurposed leather 

Shoe: Trippen Franz M Boot, fair-trade vegetable-tanned leather shoes 


Bag 2: Prodigy BD Upcycled Blue Denim Large Crossbody (50% off!)


For our second bag we have a blue denim workhorse that’s perfect for your laptop, paperwork, art supplies and more. This 100% upcycled crossbody is sturdy enough for all of your big plans and versatile enough to go with almost any outfit in style.


Outfit 2


Sweater: Babaa jumper man no19 natural, small production, all natural, ethical wool

Chinos: Brothers We Stand Knowledge Cotton Apparel, 100% organic cotton GOTS certified, low impact   

Shirt: Finisterre Braer Shirt, 100% organic cotton GOTS certified, fair trade

Shoe: Nisolo Andres All Weather, ethically made, family run artisan local production 


And as for this style, we wanted to go for the smart and chic look, as we feel anyone wearing sustainable fashion is both. All-natural wool sweater, green fitted chinos, and gorgeous brandy colored shoes are all instant staples, so you can put this outfit together as is and each piece will rock with everything else in your wardrobe as well. 


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