Turtle Day Facts!

Hello all! We at Rust and Fray just discovered that May 23rd is World Turtle Day, and so we’d like to celebrate with you with some turtle facts and conservation tips. Enjoy! 
  • 6 out of 7 types of Sea Turtles are threatened or endangered :(
  • Sea Turtles are threatened by bycatch and ghost fishing, meaning being caught on accident and getting tangled in discarded fishing gear, respectively. So supporting sustainable fishing is an important way to help sea turtle conservation
  • Efforts to educate sea turtles on the differences between plastic bags and jellyfish are not particularly successful, so it’s important to teach humans to use reusable bags instead.
  • If you live near the beach, turn off any beach facing light at night. Sea turtle babies use moonlight to guide them to the ocean, but artificial light gets confusing.
  • Another great way for beach dwellers to help sea turtles is plogging, which is picking up trash while going on your daily jog.
  • Straws are one of the most common forms of marine debris, so joining #stopsucking and skipping the straw is important for sea turtle conservation.
  • Finally, venturing into tortoise land, slow and steady really does win the race.


Hope you enjoyed those turtle day facts, and remember to go out and make a difference in the world! And be sure to like our Facebook, Instagram, and to check out our website!

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