8 Sustainable and Quarantine Friendly Gifts for Mothers Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and despite all the hardships of the recent times it is important to have fun and celebrate what’s important. As always, saying thank you to your mom doesn’t have to hurt mother earth at the same time, so here are some fantastic sustainable gifts for mother’s day that still make sense even for quarantine.

  • E-Books - Going electronic is always a fantastic way to save trees while giving a thoughtful and much loved present. Might we suggest a book on Upcycling?
  • Gift cards for sustainable stores - most forms of shopping is of course a little restricted now, but as the economy opens up and stores start selling again a gift card from a sustainable company will be the perfect way to celebrate.
  • Organic Wine Subscription - Even if you can’t celebrate in person with your Mom, you can still toast to her with a subscription service she will be very grateful for that also supports sustainable industries.
  • Potted Plants - Air quality is a very important concern for people spending so long indoors, so a potted plant is a particularly relevant and thoughtful gift. Here’s our list of suggestions for air cleaning plants!
  • Streaming services - like e-books, streaming services automatically win sustainability points for being electronic. There are a huge number of eco-friendly documentaries streaming on the major subscription services too, especially Netflix, but if your mother is really interested in nature and educational videos check out CuriosityStream too.
  • Plant Based Meal Kit Service - Many people are using quarantine to try out cooking, so why not use this to try out vegan cooking as well? Vegan meal kit services like Veestro or vegetarian options like Freshology’s Vegetarian menu offer a great way to deliciously explore meatless eating.
  • Digital Magazine Subscription - The best of print media and the ease of digital services all waste free, magazines like Nature and National Geographic make for fantastic quarantine entertainment.
  • Skill Learning Course - Finally, learning a new skill is a great way to pass the time in quarantine, and it’ll make a one day gift last a lifetime. Check out this Masterclass on Guerilla Gardening and learn how to turn any plot of land into amazing fresh veggies.

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